Gosh, I wasn’t a glimmer in anyone’s eye and after a lifetime of putting everyone’s stories together, I have to say the ignorance of birth-control in the 1950’s and ’60’s was rampant. Any how, a single woman with two little girls, just two years apart, both from different father’s, and a grandmother known as Nanny made up the nucleus of half of my beginning. The other half is made up of dark secrets and emotional downfalls. Theresa Dahlberg Seitz from Wisconsin landed in Oregon, Portland to be exact. There, their family congregated and lived until they went to be with the Lord.
Theresa had her mother, a sister and brother. Dede, Theresa’s younger sister, who is now gone from us, had something in common, only thing ever that I could come up with, but funny coincidence, both sisters had their last marriages to men with the last names of ‘Jones”, so, it kind of leaves you thinking they were going by their maiden names. No, they just ended up with men that shared the same surname. Their brother, Ludwig, who went by Uncle Lucky never did or would speak to me by letter, phone, or the famous social website, so I have no opinion on this man whatsoever. But, suspicion would cloud my judgment, currently. I think maybe that’s the best. They all came west, settled into a new lif. I do know Theresa would search out seasonal work, so she then could collect unemployment in the off season, this is what I learned of Theresa, I cannot say this about Aunt Dede. But, they spent all their free time walking in Nanny’s shoes, drinking constantly. There was never a ‘let-up’. They could have lived longer, maybe they didn’t want to, I don’t know. While in Oregon, Theresa married Tina’s father, my oldest half sister, then came another husband and so did my second sister Brenda. They were about two years apart. This is actually way mixed up, my first two entries.  I’ll improve,  forgive me.