Believe It!

Well, I cannot believe it, but then again, I do. There is pretty much nothing people can do that surprises me at this point any longer. Although, the lack of righteous laws, and the institution of mindless rules that are only made to be a means to an end on a political, ‘personal’ level, thinks it’s enough to condone the murder in the first degree of our most precious innocent beings, our infant children. So innocent, in fact, they have yet to experience anything but the hate, selfishness, greediness; all in the name of power and control and monetary prestige for those that ‘talk the talk to turn our hearts. They say something like 90% of society here in the U.S. are against full-term infanticide (a fancy name to make it sound like a ‘real’ thing), in other words, first degree murder. Doctor and patient both guilty as anyone can be. We wonder what’s wrong with this world but the most prestigious country on our globe has attempted to make first degree murder righteous. What! Not in God’s eye’s But, how does a law like that even get passed? New York? Please explain what about America can explain murder of our youngest society, our most important society, the ones that are our future. Our newborns.

I have to wonder, the what ifs. I was very much ‘not wanted’ when I was discovered to be. If these laws were this way in 1960 would I even be here and mostly only for the purpose of the selfish and greediness of today’s ‘women’ (I do not mean that ‘generally’ but for a large part, sorry, I don’t know statistics, all I know is experience.)


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